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Chiropractor Lower Back Pain

At Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health we want you to feel the difference! We don’t want to treat just the symptom, we want you feeling better. That’s why our Le Claire Chiropractor can help with your family needs too! With little wait times, efficient appointment time options, and perfectly designed pricing, it will be no surprise that this is where you’ll find yourself on any given day of the week for relief from pain or injury.

Chiropractor For Headaches

 Do you suffer from chronic pain? Are your muscles sore or tight on a daily basis? Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you: headaches, neck stiffness, jaw issues, back and shoulder pain. If so then it’s time for an appointment with Dr. Knight! Our clinic is conveniently located in Le Claire which makes our services more accessible than ever before.

We Can Help You With:

Back Pain

We all know how painful it can be to live with chronic back pain. You’ll find that chiropractic care in Le Claire is a great option for many people who want relief from their symptoms and hope of feeling better soon!


Headaches leave you feeling like your head is being squeezed between two giant hands, while migraine sufferers may experience days where they get so nauseous that it feels impossible to even move around.

Neck Pain

It’s hard to do anything when you have a pain in the neck. You can’t sleep, forget trying to hold your head up all day long–it feels like someone is squeezing it tight and never letting go.


While many people experience pain that radiates from the back, sciatica is one of the most common. If you are experiencing any type of discomfort in your lower body (such as a tingling sensation or numbness), it may be possible for you to have an issue like sciatica.

Chiropractic for Kids

The nervous system is the main control panel for a child’s body, and it has to be kept healthy in order to maintain good health. This helps improve functionality and increased ability to play outdoors, helps with conditions like colic, ear infections and more.

Arm & Leg Pain

The shoulder is often the most overworked area of your body, as it supports more weight than any other joint. Your hip joints are also quite important for providing stability and facilitating movement in all directions at once.

It’s no surprise that these two areas are very susceptible to injury when they’re put under too much stress or strain!

13 Myths of Chiropractic Care: Debunked

In this article, I am going to debunk 13 myths of chiropractic care that are often told by people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

Many people believe that chiropractors are just making up their health problems and selling them treatments. This is not true because we provide a necessary service for those who need it.

We’re also often more cost effective than going to the doctor for treatment, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money on unnecessary care!

Some people think that all we do at our office is crack backs. Chiropractic care isn’t only back pain relief though–we offer adjustments on the entire spine as well as other joints in order to promote proper function of the body’s natural healing ability.

The first myth is that a spine can be “cracked” like an egg . This is false. The spine needs to be adjusted in order for healing to occur; this can’t happen with a “crack.”

The second myth about chiropractors is that we have the cure-all solution for all of your problems–back pain, joint pain, headaches, etc.

Amazing Testimonials

We are very fortunate to be constantly reminded of the care and appreciation of our customers in their feedback. This is what keeps us going, striving for more great things!

"Thorough and genuine care. Dedicated to health care. Our family sees Dr. Knight for our basic chiropractic care and we always leave with our issues addressed and relief.

Kelli R.

"Dr. Knight is an exceptional chiropractor. He takes his time with his patients to make sure he is thorough and treats them the way they deserve. Dr. Knight will make a great asset to the community and I highly recommend him for your chiropractic needs."

Cody C.

How To Find A Chiropractor In Le Claire, Iowa

Chiropractic treatments are not one-size fits all. Rather, finding the best chiropractic clinic in Le Claire means looking at many different factors such as location and price point before making a decision.

If you’re looking for a chiropractor in your area, it’s important to do some research before picking one. You might think that the most popular Google search result is always going to be the best choice. Follow these four steps below to find a Chiropractor in Le Claire.

It is easy to find a chiropractor in Le Claire. Here are 4 steps:


You will want to type one of the following in the search bar:

  • Chiropractor Le Claire
  • Chiropractor 52753
  • Chiropractor near me
  • Best chiropractor in Le Claire


The best chiropractors in Le Claire put as much care into their website, like the rest of their office. By reviewing their site you can get a good feel for the doctor and if they are right for you.


I find that a company’s Google Business Page is often the best place to get an accurate and unbiased review of their services. If you have any hesitations about whether or not this clinic will be able to help, head over there and see what other people are saying!


Now that you have a basic understanding of what the office is about, give them a call to make sure they fit your expectations. You will know in minutes whether or not this company matches with who you are looking for!

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