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Kids are all about energy and excitement. They love to run, jump, climb and explore! Unfortunately for them (and their parents), this often leads to injuries. If your child is under the age of 12 and has experienced any injury or pain in their neck or back, it may be a good idea to have them checked out by a chiropractor.

Whether it's a twisted ankle or a concussion from a fall, kids need chiropractic care just like adults do - maybe even more so because they can't always communicate well what hurts! Pediatric Chiropractors specialize in the treatment of children with these conditions.

Chiropractic care can help alleviate headaches, muscle tightness, sleep disturbances, and digestive problems associated with chronic injuries caused by everyday activities. Chiropractors examine the spine looking for misalignments called subluxations which cause nerve interference throughout the body-causing both acute and long-term discomfort. 

This blog post will discuss how you can keep your kids healthy by utilizing pediatric chiropractic care.

Why Should I Consider Chiropractic Care for My Kids

Kids are just as active and independent as adults - if not more so! However, they can't always communicate what hurts. Pediatric chiropractors specialize in treating children with conditions such as headaches, muscle tightness, sleep disturbances, and digestive problems that may be caused by injuries sustained from everyday activities. 

Chiropractors examine the spine to find misalignments called subluxations which cause nerve interference throughout the body-causing both acute and long-term discomfort.  

In the pediatric spine, subluxations are often caused by sports injuries or car accidents. The chiropractor fixes the misalignment until the body heals itself - which can take as little as a few hours. 

Pediatric Chiropractors believe that when children experience chronic pain and discomfort of any kind, they should always be evaluated for potential spinal involvement to rule out complications such as scoliosis. More importantly, many professionals in this field will tell you that early correction not only helps alleviate musculoskeletal problems but also prevents them from developing into adulthood!

Your local Pediatric Chiropractor is trained to examine your child's posture and determine if there may be an underlying structural cause for their symptoms; rather than simply providing a pain relief remedy.

Chiropractic Care Is the Best Way to Keep Kids Healthy

Pediatric Chiropractors understand that children live in a world where their bodies and minds are constantly being bombarded with new information. It is not unusual for kids to suffer from chronic pain or discomfort as they develop into adults- and it isn't always due to the environment! 

The effects of subluxation on adults can often be seen, but the same is not true for children. So how do we know if my child has a subluxation? In most cases, there are signs that something is wrong, such as chronic pain or discomfort in an extremity, poor posture, or curvature of the spine, which will show up during your pediatric chiropractic evaluation! 

 If an adjustment is needed, your child will be adjusted by one of our qualified chiropractors. Adjustments are gentle and quite easy on the body! We usually hear from parents that their children experience relief right away or after a few adjustments. 

Typically we find about 80% of all pediatric patients need some form of subluxation correction. It's not uncommon for us to see recurring issues with ear infections, asthma, or other breathing problems because they never took care of it in the first place! Now you can take care today so tomorrow doesn't have to worry about these ailments coming up again!

Some clinics provide excellent patient education during treatment sessions to help kids learn how best to maintain healthy lifestyles.

If you think that your child may have some form of spinal misalignment and needs treatment from one of these highly trained professionals- then call Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health today at (563) 500-3453) to schedule an appointment!

Chiropractors Specialized Technique for Children 

Pediatric Chiropractors such as Dr. Zachary Knight often use specialized techniques for children that are not considered "traditional" chiropractic adjustments. These techniques include gentle spinal, extremity, and cranial manipulations, which can release nerve interference or muscle tension in the areas of concern.

Pediatric Chiropractors use various specialized techniques to help children with headaches, stomach aches, and backaches, including gentle adjustments specific to the child's age group and more advanced treatments like spinal decompression therapy. An example is a technique called.

 Activator Methods

  •  This method uses an activator instrument - similar to a small precision weightlifter's barbell- as well as the light manual force applied by your Pediatric Chiropractor on joints such as knees, elbows, fingers, and toes with the intent of removing any restrictions in range of motion or mobility.
  • This specialized manipulation relieves pressure from nerves responsible for maintaining balance throughout the body while simultaneously restoring joint movement and fluidity within effect.

A Pediatric Chiropractor will always provide you with an assessment that includes diagnostic testing such as X-rays which could identify any underlying health conditions beyond just musculoskeletal problems. A skilled practitioner will also find that your child's spine may be out of alignment or misaligned due to improper posture, accidents, or simply from the natural growth process.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Seeing a Chiropractor

  • There are no risks associated with seeing a chiropractor, and the treatment is non-invasive. Chiropractic care is not using any drugs or surgery but instead restores mobility to joints while eliminating pressure on nerves that may be causing interference with your child's well-being. This decreased pressure allows for an improved immune system and can help relieve other symptoms such as headaches, constipation, earaches, etc. 
  • Chiropractic care "may lead to improvements in various conditions, including asthma, allergies, and speech problems." By increasing the overall function of your child's musculoskeletal system through chiropractic adjustments, you are giving them an improved ability to heal themselves. With increased energy levels and no pain or discomfort from their condition, kids can focus on learning instead of being stuck at home with symptoms. To speak with you more about is what Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health does.

Tips on Preventing Illness in Your Child by Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Preventing illness in your child is easy. You need to guarantee that your kids have a healthy diet, stay hydrated, and exercise for at least 30 minutes each day. Ideally, it will be some type of physical activity that they enjoy." 

You can also improve their immune system with plenty of sleep and stress-relief activities such as meditation or yoga! In addition to these preventative measures, your child should go to the doctor if they have any of these symptoms:

  • pain in their joints or muscles
  •  fever higher than 101°F
  •  vomiting and diarrhea more than three times within 24 hours."

These are common signs that something may be wrong. If you find your child is experiencing one or more of them and has been unresponsive for several days, it's always best to visit with a physician right away! There could be an underlying illness from which doctors can diagnose and treat." 

The benefits of chiropractic care may be enhanced by optimizing these sleep patterns: 

  • Encourage a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients: Vegetables, fruits, lean proteins. Make sure to avoid sugar.
  • Watch TV less than two hours per day/monitor the child's screen time on their electronic devices (TV or tablets) with parental control features such as timers for how long they can be used each day.
  • Stay active! Take your kids outside to play often or do something fun like going for family bike rides together.
  • Help your children establish good sleep habits by following recommended bedtime routines and keeping bedrooms cool temperature-wise (65 - 72 degrees Fahrenheit). Allowing laptops, phones, etc., into the bedroom may also disrupt sleep patterns due to increased light exposure before bedtime. Some pediatric chiropractors believe that the benefits of chiropractic care may be enhanced by optimizing these sleep patterns.
  • Consider removing any environmental hazards from your child's bedroom. It includes a cord or rope, such as blinds and curtains, and dangling objects like ceiling fans. 
  •  Avoid scoliosis (a sideways curve in the spine) by limiting time spent sitting down for long periods each day - even at home! Encourage kids to stand up while watching TV, playing games on their devices, doing homework, etc.
  • Limit the amount of time spent sitting down for long periods each day - even at home! 
  • Reduce the number of hours your child sleeps during the night by one hour and keep it consistent every night 

Do not be alarmed if you notice extreme mood swings in addition to fatigue as a result – both are common side effects that will address themselves over time. 

For this treatment to work best, kids need about three visits per week for an average of four months, at which point they can drop down to two times a month until their spine is healed up entirely (usually around six months). If there's any question or concern, call us!

Finally, make sure your kid eats healthy foods like berries, green vegetables, and lean proteins after each visit. These help with healing from all those adjustments we're making to their spine.

Final Thoughts 

Children need to be healthy and active to grow up into productive adults. Regular chiropractic care can help your child maintain their health as they get older because of the many benefits of a good adjustment.

Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health in Le Claire, IA has been helping children stay on top of their game for decades, all with a personalized touch. Schedule an appointment today, so we can set you and your family up for success!

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