Doctor Zachary Knight is a chiropractor at Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health in Le Claire, IA. I was born and raised not far from Le Claire, I am from Clinton, IA.

My first encounter with a chiropractor was when I injured my knee and lower back. I was taken to a chiropractor, and at that time, I honestly had no idea what they did. He adjusted my knee and my back and did not give me any pills.

I didn’t have surgery but I immediately felt better and my game performance even improved.

From then I knew I wanted to become a chiropractor. I studied at Palmer College of Chiropractic and graduated with a doctorate degree and also a bachelor’s degree by taking night classes.

While at Palmer, I met and married my wife, Jenny Knight. She is the chiropractic technician who runs the clinic..

We have four beautiful children named Aleia, Knoxxwell, Ciara, and Vaughn.

I care about my patients and am sincerely concerned about their health and well-being. I work with babies, children, athletes, expectant mothers, and older adults. Besides adjustments, I help individuals handle pain, correct their posture, and even sleep better at night.

Tell me your story and what your problems and concerns are. Let me help you feel better, become happier and healthier.

At Knight Chiropractic & Functional Health we want you to be at your absolute best.